Confronting climate risk

A special report from Environmental Finance, published in association with the Carbon Disclosure Project, on business, investment and the CDP.

Confronting climate risk - Business, investment and the Carbon Disclosure Project


INTRODUCTION - Picking up on performance

This year's publication of the Carbon Disclosure Project's disclosure and performance indexes is adding to the evidence of a correlation between addressing carbon emissions and share price performance, finds Alan McGill

MITIGATION - Taking action on carbon
It's all very well for companies to measure and disclose their emissions, but they must also manage them downwards if the world is to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Paul Dickinson explains why investors are backing the CDP's Carbon Action initiative

INVESTMENT - Carbon risk, performance and returns
Leading investors are beginning to explore the links between carbon exposures and financial performance – and are finding increasingly compelling reasons to take action, says Will Oulton

WATER - The rising tide
Investors should be getting very worried about the water exposures in their portfolios. Chris Hedemann explains how the CDP Water Disclosure initiative is setting out to help

SUPPLY CHAIN - Moving up the corporate value chain
Long-awaited guidance on reporting Scope 3 emissions will prove a vital weapon in reducing the impact of carbon emissions up and down the corporate value chain. Cynthia Cummis explains

VERIFICATION - Creating confidence
Independent verification of emissions can reassure both external stakeholders and corporate executives, say Marieke Beckmann and Michelle Cox