Expect the Unexpected: Building business value in a changing world

KPMG International explores 10 sustainability megaforces set to impact business over the next 20 years; analyzes exposure to external environmental costs; and issues a call to action.

The resources on which business relies are becoming more difficult to access and more costly. Changing patterns of economic growth and wealth are likely to strain infrastructure and natural systems. The unpredictable results of a changing climate will affect physical assets and supply chains. And businesses can expect an ever more complex web of sustainability legislation and fiscal instruments

At the same time more corporations are recognizing that there is value and opportunity in responsibility beyond the next quarter's results; that what is good for people and the planet can also be good for the long term bottom line and shareholder value.

In this report, KPMG's network of firms analyzes a system of ten sustainability megaforces that will impact each and every business over the next 20 years and suggests approaches to help build business value in a changing world. The impact of the megaforces on 11 industry sectors is also highlighted.

It is important for business leaders to understand this system of forces; assess the implications for their own organizations; and devise strategies for managing the risks and harnessing the opportunities.