Forest Footprint Disclosure

Published in association with the Forest Footprint Disclosure project, this special report examines investment, transparency and corporate efforts to tackle deforestation.

INTRODUCTION Why disclose?

Disclosing information on the use of at-risk forest commodities may be an additional burden for overstretched companies, but investors are demanding it for good reason, says James Hulse, while Charlotte Dudley talks to some of the companies who are leading the way

DISCLOSURE Forest footprint disclosure for beginners

Where do you start when it comes to reporting on forest risk commodities? Liz Crosbie guides first-time responders through the process

CAMPAIGNING It's good to talk

Corporate brands are at great risk from unanticipated activist campaigns. Roger Cowe sets out some tips on how to address or defuse campaigner concerns before it's too late

REGULATION The rules around the corner

As environmental pressures around the world build, so too will the regulatory responses designed to alleviate them. Companies would do well to engage with voluntary initiatives and try and mould the debate, says Katie McCoy

NON-DISCLOSURE The silent majority

Many companies have not yet responded to the Forest Footprint Disclosure project. Charlotte Dudley asked why