A Corporate Buyers Guide to REDD+ Forestry Sovereign Carbon Credits


With a global 1.5°C temperature increase looking more likely, a global concerted effort to accelerate all climate solutions is needed. The techno-economic challenge of the energy transition is huge, yet still possible. But it is not enough. We must retain the last tropical rainforests.

The unsung heroes and heroines in Gabon, Papua New Guinea, Honduras, and other countries may not enjoy a strong industrial base to accelerate renewables, but nonetheless they lead on climate action by reducing emissions from the deforestation and degradation of their tropical forests. These nations have consistently shown climate leadership over the past twenty years under a little-known UNFCCC framework called Reducing Emissions from Deforestation & Degradation (REDD+).

As corporate confidence in voluntary carbon markets (VCM) wanes due to an ever-increasing number of stories in the media about lack of atmospheric integrity, offshoring of revenues, and limited impact, a new carbon offset asset class has arrived. It supports rainforest nations; is Paris Agreement compliant; and UNFCCC trusted. It is called REDD+ sovereign carbon. In contrast to VCM and after 10 years to finalise all the methodologies, the UNFCCC REDD+ framework is now delivering emission reductions with the necessary speed and scale to keep 1.5 degrees alive – over 10 gigatonnes of emission reductions and counting. It's helping countries keep their rainforests standing – but it needs your help.

Join the webinar. Learn what makes the UNFCCC REDD+ Measuring, Reporting & Verification (MRV) System the strongest carbon standard in the world and how sovereign carbon credits are created.

The UNFCCC REDD+ framework was designed to compensate developing nations for slowing, stopping, and reversing deforestation at national level. It comes with a strict set of requirements to be met by each nation before their carbon reductions are authorised by UNFCCC. Reported data are subject to a rigorous process of UNFCCC Measuring, Reporting and Verification methodologies and series of technical reviews before REDD+ sovereign carbon credits can be issued. The webinar includes:

  • 12 Step REDD+ Sovereign Carbon Creation Process
    • Phase One: Country Readiness
    • Phase Two: Carbon Generation - Reviews and Submission
    • Phase Three: Issuance, Distribution, and Compliance
  • The REDD+ MRV System and the role of UNFCCC experts
  • How to purchase sovereign carbon


Federica Bietta
Managing Director, CfRN
Kevin Conrad
Executive Director, CfRN
Malcolm Stufkens
Vice Minister of Environment, Honduras
Thomas Cox (Moderator)
Senior writer, Environmental Finance

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