Empowering Africa: Clean Cooking Deployment for Sustainable Futures


Embracing clean cooking in Africa will contribute to the world's climate goals, improve health outcomes, and empower communities, especially women and girls.

Last year, the IEA and the African Development Bank Group published a World Energy Outlook Special Report, A Vision for Clean Cooking Access for All. The report found:

  • 2.3 billion people worldwide—nearly one-third of the global population— still cook their meals over open fires or on basic stoves, breathing in harmful smoke released from burning coal, charcoal, firewood and agricultural wastes.
  • Achieving universal access to clean cooking would require an investment of USD 8 billion annually in stoves and building the required infrastructure between now and 2030.

ICE and Environmental Finance have assembled a panel of experts to discuss on how they are shaping a future where clean cooking serves as a catalyst for improved health and educational empowerment in Africa and find out how climate finance and carbon credits can be an important tool to raise finance to deliver this vision.


Feisal Hussain
Senior Director, Innovative Finance, Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA)
Gordon Bennett (Moderator)
Head of Environmental Markets, ICE
Dr. Kirti Ramesh
Director of Carbon Ratings, BeZero
Polly Stebbings
Climate Finance Manager, UpEnergy
Rehema Mbalamwezi
Vice President of Africa Operations, UpEnergy
Sarah Leugers
Chief Growth Officer, Gold Standard

Key topics

Health benefits of transitioning to clean cooking, addressing the impact of indoor air pollution on respiratory health

The role of cleaner cooking in empowering women, leading to increased opportunities for education and economic participation

The issuance and validation process for clean cooking credits

The key components of calculating clean cooking credits, including baselining and fraction of non-renewable biomass (f-NRB)


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