Achieving impact in private equity


The economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic could see private equity investors move towards impact investments as they consider supporting those companies and initiatives that may be perceived as more sustainable and resilient to future shocks. This webinar will assess how a shift towards impact compares with other forms of private equity investment strategies.


Michael Hurley
Deputy Editor, Environmental Finance


Diane Damskey
Head of Secretariat, Operating Principles for Impact Management
Dirk Meuleman
CEO, Phenix Capital Group
Joanna Reiss
Co-Lead of Impact, Apollo Global Management
Marie Puaux
Head of Impact Management, Bamboo Capital Partners

Discussion points

Which sectors are of particular interest to private equity investors thinking about impact?

How does a shift towards impact compare with more typical private equity investment approaches?

How are general partners approaching the subject of impact investing?

How are they working with limited partners to devise such investment strategies?

How has Covid-19 shifted approaches to the subject?

How can impact combine with private equity approaches to improving operational performance? In which sectors is this most transformational?

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