WebinarsNet Zero technologies: how to finance the transition

Net Zero technologies: how to finance the transition

An Environmental Finance and ING webinar


The UN has described Net-Zero transition as a complete transformation of how we produce, power, consume and move about. It goes without saying that it will mean some big changes for business including transformational technology shifts. But as the number of Net-Zero commitments grows, a big question remains. How will Net-Zero changes be financed? In this webinar, we're going to take a look at what options are open to businesses, financing alternatives and some examples of companies already embarking into this pathway.


Madeleine Jenkins (Moderator)

Staff Writer, Environmental Finance

Ana Carolina Oliveira

Head of Sustainable Finance Americas, Managing Director, ING

Eric Moen

Head of ESG & Climate Change, MSCI

Nicholas Bair

CEO, COO, Clean Energy Holding LLC

Nina Chen

Executive Deputy Superintendent, Climate Division, New York State, Department of Financial Services

Gareth James Scheerder

Senior Sustainability Advisor, ESG Engagement, Orsted

Points of discussion

Why is Net-Zero important?

How can we ensure commitment are turned into action?

How will Net-Zero changes be financed?

What are the options open to businesses?

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