Transition Finance from the bottom up


The energy transition has emerged as a key focus for regulators, investors and companies. The transition is a megatrend, which will grow in importance for markets in the coming years. Given the vastly different opportunities and constraints to decarbonisation across industries and countries, effective transition planning and communication are becoming essential components of the sustainable finance toolkit.

This webinar will highlight the ways investors and issuers are approaching the energy transition.


Ahren Lester
Assistant Editor, Environmental Finance


Ana Carolina Oliveira
Head of Sustainable Finance Americas, ING
George Barnard
Lead Researcher, Transition Finance, Metlife Investment Management
Louis Langlois
Senior Vice President & Treasurer, Alcoa Corporation
Sam Harrison
Lead Researcher, Transition Finance, Metlife Investment Management

Key questions

How can investors assess the credibility of transition plans across vastly different sectors?

How are investors and issuers addressing hard to abate sectors which present unique challenges to decarbonisation?

What are the practical differences in assessing transition plans in emerging markets versus developed markets?

To what extent can we rely on technological solutions to solve GHG emissions within industrial processes?

How is the focus on transition finance impacting the sustainable bond market?

Green Bonds

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