• ESG in Fixed Income Americas 2023: Investors call out their green bond market 'grievances'

    29 September 2023

    Investors voiced their frustration at some of the deals in the labelled bond market, unfurling a catalogue of criticisms they hope it will lead to improved quality of transactions.

  • ESG in Fixed Income Americas 2023: BlackRock: 'transition investments are green'

    28 September 2023

    BlackRock considers credible transition projects to be 'green', rather than putting them into a transition category, an Environmental Finance conference heard.

  • ESG in Fixed Income Americas 2023: Export Development Canada to issue first green bond since 2019

    27 September 2023

    After not issuing a green bond since 2019, Export Development Canada has revealed to Environmental Finance that it will issue a green bond soon, and is considering its first-ever 'orange' bond.

  • Berkshire Hills: Issuing a sustainable bond is a 'no brainer'

    27 September 2023

    Berkshire Hills hopes its ground-breaking sustainability bond will be followed by others, but the US community bank's Gary Levante tells Ahren Lester the market needs a small and mid-cap 'evolution'

  • Real economy sustainable bonds: Spotlight on Romania

    20 September 2023

    Guy Richardson looks at the prospects for the sustainable debt issuance from the country's power, agribusiness, and transport sectors

  • New York prepares second $700m social bond

    19 September 2023

    The City of New York is planning in October to raise $700 million from its second social bond, which will be used to build 4,500 affordable homes in the city.

  • S&P Shades of Green: Updated SPO offers more than just 'an extra shade'

    18 September 2023

    The financial research and analysis firm tells Ahren Lester its updated second-party opinion (SPO) methodology is more than just a marriage of the separate S&P and Shades of Green models