• GSAM: 36% of European investors ready to invest in social bonds

    16 May 2023

    More investors are expected to switch some of their conventional bond allocation to social bonds, Bram Bos tells Ahren Lester

  • EU Council edges towards mandatory ESG disclosure for sustainable bonds

    12 May 2023

    The European Council has publicly moved towards agreeing to include mandatory environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures for all labelled sustainable bonds into EU bond prospectus rules,...

  • Denmark set to raise 15% of debt through green bonds amid persistent 'greenium'

    12 May 2023

    Denmark intends use green bonds to raise 15% of its total debt issuance in 2023, including through a new 10-year green bond to be launched in the second half of the year, a central banker has said as she hailed the pricing benefits of issuing green bonds.

  • Sneak peek: The CBI's resilience taxonomy blueprint

    11 May 2023

    The Climate Bonds Initiative's blueprint is intended to provide a practical tool for financial markets to intensify their focus on adaptation and resilience investments, writes Ahren Lester

  • European high yield issuers 'too opportunistic' with green bonds

    10 May 2023

    European high yield green bond issues have been "too opportunistic" to date, with transparency about how the proceeds will be used raising significant questions about the sustainability impact of the emerging asset class.

  • 'Ground-breaking' CBI resilience taxonomy blueprint launch next week

    10 May 2023

    The Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) will publish a blueprint for its "ground-breaking" climate resilience taxonomy next week, as it looks to catalyse interest and investment in adaptation and resilience projects.

  • Varma weighing merits of EU PABs for high-yield climate benchmark

    10 May 2023

    Varma is preparing to move some of its passive allocations for high-yield corporate issuers to a climate-themed exchange-traded fund (ETF), possibly one that tracks an EU Paris-aligned benchmark (PAB).

  • Navigating sustainable finance standards: speaker Q&A

    10 May 2023

    In response to a recent Environmental Finance webinar on sustainable finance standards, we have hand-picked a selection of the audience questions for the panel to answer.

  • Green bond conversions are 'extreme case of lack of additionality'

    09 May 2023

    The conversion of historic bonds to 'green' format is "problematic" for the market, as it represents an "extreme case" of lack of additionality, according to Nomura.