• Transition finance requires 'fundamental shift' in investor approach

    20 April 2023

    Transition finance requires a "bigger leap of faith" than green bonds, as it requires a "fundamental shift" in approach from sustainable investors, according to MetLife Investment Management (MIM).

  • Poland: Sovereign SLBs are 'incredibly difficult' due to impact attribution

    20 April 2023

    Structuring sovereign sustainability-linked bonds (SLBs) is "incredibly difficult" due to the challenges in predicting the impact of governmental actions on sustainability goals, according to a senior Polish official.

  • Austria raises €3bn from shorter-dated green bond

    19 April 2023

    Austria has raised €3 billion ($3.3 billion) from its second green bond as the country looks to build out the yield curve for its green bond programme...

  • Quantitative data is not 'cure' for transition transparency, honesty challenge

    18 April 2023

    Disclosing more quantitative data will not be sufficient to "cure" issues around transparency and honesty in transition finance, investors told an Environmental Finance event.

  • SLB format is a good fit for biodiversity bonds, Axa IM says

    18 April 2023

    Organisations looking to demonstrate their contribution to biodiversity conservation could be best served by issuing a sustainability-linked bond (SLB) rather than a green bond, according to an analyst at Axa Investment Managers.

  • CBI launches sustainability-linked bond certification scheme

    13 April 2023

    The Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) has launched a certification scheme for sustainability-linked bonds and company-level transition plans, in what the influential not-for-profit called a "major step forward" for financial markets.

  • ESG in Fixed Income EMEA conference returns on Monday

    13 April 2023

    Environmental Finance's annual ESG in Fixed Income EMEA conference returns to London on Monday, 17 April.

  • Sustainability-linked targets could add 'discipline' in green bond markets

    12 April 2023

    Using sustainability-linked targets in green bonds could provide the "missing" element to promote more discipline and tackle greenwashing, according to Atlanticomnium.