• Central bank collateral, asset purchase policies should be tied to climate reporting requirement, says Bundesbank

    03 June 2021

    Eurozone central banks should require issuers to meet certain climate-related reporting obligations before securities are accepted as collateral or purchased, according to the German central bank head.

  • News round-up: MSCI, Rights and Resources Initiative

    03 June 2021
  • MSCI plans tool for investors to compare companies' net-zero targets

    03 June 2021
  • 2DII launches PACTA advisory group

    03 June 2021

    2° Investing Initiative (2DII) has appointed an expert group to advise on new governance for the Paris-based thinktank's climate scenario analysis and alignment methodology.

  • IFRS Foundation calls for sustainability standards board nominees

    01 June 2021

    The trustees of the IFRS Foundation have called for nominations for the roles of chair and vice-chair of the proposed 14-member International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) to develop global sustainability reporting standards for disclosures in corporate reports.

  • Data is a key ESG enabler

    31 May 2021

    Data and technology can play a crucial role in the transition towards more sustainable operating models, argues Roberta Marracino

  • Six banks launch steel sector decarbonisation working group

    28 May 2021
  • NGFS makes rallying cry for globally consistent climate disclosures, taxonomy

    27 May 2021

    The Central Banks and Supervisors Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) has called for "rapid convergence" around a common set of global disclosure standards and accelerated efforts towards "a minimally accepted global taxonomy".

  • News round-up: Natural capital, Susi Partners, PRI and more

    26 May 2021
  • Natural Capital Finance Alliance extends ENCORE tool to measure biodiversity

    26 May 2021