• Nikko raises £400m into World Bank green bond funds

    17 March 2011

    Nikko Asset Management has raised £400 million ($646 million) into funds that invest in 'green' bonds issued by the World Bank.

  • Green bonds, securitisations in the pipeline as interest builds

    16 March 2011

    A green bond worth $500 million certified to a new climate bonds standard is set to be issued within the coming months, while bankers are prepping renewable energy securitisations.

  • Moving green bonds into the mainstream

    07 March 2011

    Environmental bonds are seen as vital in attracting the investment needed to fund a low-carbon economy. But how can they be transformed from a niche product into a mainstream investment option, asks Nick Oakes

  • Giving credit to climate risk

    05 March 2011

    Michael Wilkins is leading the effort at rating agency Standard & Poor's is to factor climate risk into credit scores – a breakthrough for the integration of environmental factors into the investment mainstream. Mark Nicholls reports

  • Bridging Europe's capital chasm

    05 March 2011

    Accenture's Justin Keeble argues that new funding models and finance sector partnerships are needed to raise €2.9 trillion of investment into Europe's low-carbon infrastructure

  • Ecotricity: green bonds now 'permanent part' of corporate fundraising

    03 March 2011

    Green bonds are to become a permanent fixture of how UK renewable energy utility Ecotricity raises finance – although the UK government's review of its solar feed-in tariff could delay the next fund-raising.

  • NRDC to judge 'green' claims of climate bonds; first standard to be unveiled next week

    21 February 2011

    The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has been named as the first member of the body that will give the stamp of approval to 'climate bonds', ahead of the publication next week of the first green bonds standard.

  • Green bonds vital to Europe – Barclays

    07 February 2011

    'Green bonds' are set to fill most of a €2.9 trillion ($3.9 trillion) capital hole required to build low-carbon infrastructure in Europe from 2011-20, according to a report by Barclays and consultancy Accenture.

  • Environmental funds targeted in Ireland's growth plans

    03 February 2011

    Ireland is aiming to attract green funds and carbon financiers to the country with favourable legislation and new carbon market infrastructure.

  • Climate bonds standard to be released by April

    05 January 2011

    The Climate Bonds Initiative is to unveil its first labelling standard by the end of March, for wind energy-linked bonds, after securing initial funding for the project.