• Finance for natural capital – last chance to have your say

    30 August 2019

    A major survey about the risks and opportunities facing private-sector investors in natural capital projects ends tomorrow (31 August).

  • Eurex hails ESG futures ‘great success’

    27 August 2019

    Eurex’s environmental, social and governance (ESG)-themed derivatives have reached 235,000 traded contracts and peaked at almost €800 million in open interest, in their first six months of trading.

  • WCI Carbon Market Update, 23 August 2019

    27 August 2019

    The clearing price of CCAs in last week’s auction is likely to determine the next move in secondary market prices, says Nicolas Girod*.

  • BAML reveals thoughts on transition bonds

    26 August 2019

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) has weighed in on the debate about the creation of a new market for transition bonds, suggesting that at least a quarter of the proceeds of bonds bearing this label should be used to finance green assets or projects.

  • Exchanges ‘should consider sustainability standards for commodities’

    23 August 2019

    Stock exchanges, clearing houses and other market infrastructure organisations have been advised to consider adopting sustainability standards for commodities trading.

  • WCI Carbon Market Update, 19 August 2019

    19 August 2019

    This week’s CCA auction could see the clearing price depressed by the recent reduction in activity by financial sector players, says Nicolas Girod*

  • WCI Carbon Market Update, 29 July 2019

    29 July 2019

    Prices for California Carbon Allowances slipped slightly last week, but Nicholas Girod* says the potential downside is limited.

  • Financial centres stunted by lack of green finance products, finds FC4S

    21 March 2019

    A lack of green financial products has been identified as a key barrier to the growth of sustainable finance in some of the world’s largest financial centres.

  • ‘Material’ ESG issues should be disclosed, says IOSCO

    21 January 2019

    Issuers of securities should provide “full, accurate, and timely disclosure” of material environmental, social and governance (ESG)-themed information, the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has said.

  • Third ranking of green finance centres is now underway

    08 January 2019

    The views of finance professionals across the world are again being sought to help compile the third edition of the Global Green Finance Index (GGFI).