• WCI Carbon Market Update, 8 June 2020

    08 June 2020

    The WCI carbon market is currently lacking drivers to push California Carbon Allowances further above their floor price, says Nicolas Girod*.

  • 'First-of-its-kind' sustainable SPAC raises $300m

    15 May 2020

    A $300 million initial public offering this month could spark further sustainability-themed Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), according to a Citigroup head.

  • EU carbon market update: 5 May 2020

    05 May 2020

    Last week's increase in the power generation spreads could provide support for EUAs in the coming week, but further downside looks more likely than upside, says Tom Lord *`

  • WCI Carbon Market Update, 20 April 2020

    20 April 2020

    California Carbon Allowance prices are likely to remain close to their current levels in the short term, in the absence of further selling by the financial sector, says Nicolas Girod*.

  • WCI Carbon Market Update, 14 April 2020

    14 April 2020

    Selling pressure from financial sector participants in the WCI market appears to be slowing, says Nicolas Girod*.

  • UK government hearing expresses doubt over carbon credits resolution

    13 March 2020

    Carbon market experts were gloomy about the prospects of resolving challenges to building a global market for offsets at the next UN climate talks.

  • S&P launches index linked to EU carbon allowances

    10 March 2020

    S&P Dow Jones has launched an index that it says will provide investors with an investment performance benchmark for European carbon emission allowances.

  • EU carbon market update: 9 March 2020

    10 March 2020

    The coronavirus outbreak has added to the headwinds facing the EU Allowance market and any hint of upside is likely to find willing sellers, says Tom Lord*.

  • EU carbon market update: 2 March 2020

    03 March 2020

    The outlook for EU Allowance prices is bearish, with volatility likely to remain high due to the influence of the Coronavirus, says Tom Lord.*

  • WCI Carbon Market Update, 2 March 2020

    02 March 2020

    The outlook for CCA prices remains bullish, despite slight weakness last week, says Nicolas Girod*.