• $300bn funding gap for sustainable land use, says McKinsey

    08 November 2023

    To meet the growing global demand for food, 'urgent action' and investment of at least $300 billion is needed to transform land and farming practices, a report by McKinsey & Co has found.

  • Nature 'to become a mainstream asset class', says Lombard Odier

    07 November 2023

    Agriculture - and nature more broadly - will become a mainstream asset class for investors, Lombard Odier's head of research has predicted, describing nature as "the most underpriced asset".

  • Technology-based solutions 'could bring credibility to the carbon market'

    07 November 2023

    Technology-based solutions could help bring more credibility to the voluntary carbon market, and play a pivotal role in the Article 6 mechanism expected to be thrashed out at COP28, a project developer has said.

  • Dairy and meat emissions rising, says FAIRR

    07 November 2023

    Emissions from dairy and meat 'giants' have risen over the past year, with inaction on deforestation also persisting, research by investor initiative FAIRR has shown.

  • Calling for a revolution to resolve food's sustainability paradox

    06 November 2023

    Innovation and investment are needed to deliver more food production yet cut the industry's greenhouse gas emissions, argue Vincent Nobilet and Frédéric Dubois

  • Australia looking to expand climate disclosures into nature

    03 November 2023

    Australia is looking to build flexibility into its climate disclosure regulations, with a view to expanding disclosures into nature-related issues in the future.

  • Widespread mandatory nature reporting 'unlikely' in the near future

    02 November 2023

    Mandatory nature reporting is 'unlikely' in most jurisdictions over the next few years, Sustainable Fitch believes, although stricter rules may come into force for those jurisdictions most exposed to nature-related risks.

  • Deforestation data tool launched for financial institutions

    02 November 2023

    An open-data platform has been launched to help financial institutions track company exposure and performance on deforestation.

  • Ocean data even further behind biodiversity data, says investor

    02 November 2023

    Ocean data is further behind than terrestrial biodiversity data, and challenges remain on the trustworthiness of company disclosures, a marine investor said.