• Transition bond label is a 'distraction' for transition finance, says MetLife IM

    22 April 2024

    A dedicated 'transition bond' label for corporate issuers "distracts" from the forward-looking, long-term focus that transition finance requires, according to MetLife Investment Management (MetLIfe IM).

  • Comment: Are we finally ready to have a grown-up conversation about the transition?

    22 April 2024

    There are encouraging signs we are starting to have a more sophisticated and practical conversation about how to invest in the transition, says Peter Cripps

  • Is Asia's transition finance harming climate goals?

    18 April 2024

    Is the transition label a way to pull the wool over the eyes of investors and the public on climate action, asks Christina Ng

  • Transition funds are no longer just about impact, says RGreen

    16 April 2024

    Rgreen Invest has launched its fourth energy transition fund, as its founder told Environmental Finance the theme has evolved beyond being "a nice-to-have", towards being an economic safe haven and hedge against inflation.

  • Comment: The rumpus over SBTi's offsetting U-turn

    12 April 2024

    What does the row over SBTi's change of heart on carbon credits tell us about the state of sustainable finance, asks Peter Cripps

  • Foresight eyes first close of second energy transition fund

    11 April 2024
  • HSBC, Citi among banks banned by West Virginia over fossil fuel 'boycotts'

    11 April 2024
  • Ninety One: Divesting is not impacting high emitters

    11 April 2024

    The real-world impact of investors' net zero commitments is currently unclear, according to Ninety One Asset Management, calling on investors to "shift focus from reducing financed emissions to financing reduced emissions".

  • 'Regulators could follow TCFD example' by making TPT mandatory

    11 April 2024

    Guidance on 'gold standard' climate transition plans could be implemented in UK regulation, following the example of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), according to a senior lawyer.

  • Why TPI?

    09 April 2024

    Solange Le Jeune explains why FTSE Russell uses Transition Pathway Initiative data to build forward-looking indices