• Transition plans key to stave off threat to financial stability, says Aviva's Waygood

    25 April 2023

    Unless a material price on carbon is reached and governments come up with 'sectoral transition frameworks', the world faces a threat to international security and financial stability, according to Aviva Investors.

  • US banks facing NYC pension fund pressure on climate targets

    24 April 2023

    Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are preparing to face a shareholder vote on a resolution asking them to set absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions targets, as a major investor criticised them for "lagging peers" in this area.

  • Japan's largest banks hit by shareholder climate action

    12 April 2023

    Japan's six largest banks and energy companies have been hit by shareholder calls to disclose decarbonisation plans, over concerns that fossil fuel expansion will result in stranded assets.

  • Chinese banks not shifting away from coal, says Sustainable Fitch

    04 April 2023

    Despite a movement into 'cleaner' assets, Chinese banks have yet to shift away from coal, which risks leaving many with stranded assets, Sustainable Fitch has said.

  • Climate Action 100+ updates net-zero benchmark

    30 March 2023

    Climate Action 100+ (CA100+) has updated its benchmark tool for helping investors to assess the decarbonisation action of companies.

  • Japan's transition finance agenda is derailing decarbonisation in Southeast Asia

    29 March 2023

    Japan treats transition finance as a way to support industrial companies that are locked into thermal power technologies, argues Kurt Metzger

  • Insurers' 'failed' climate engagement strategy draws new demands from campaigners

    28 March 2023

    Insurers' climate engagement strategies are failing as major oil and gas producers show no sign of adopting credible net-zero pathways, according to climate campaigners.

  • The ISO's Net Zero Guidelines

    24 March 2023

    The guidelines can provide a common global basis for sound and credible net zero action, providing investors with a robust reference point to form their strategy, writes Emily Faint

  • Phoenix estimates 20% of equity and credit assets exposed to high transition risks

    15 March 2023

    Some 20% of Phoenix's listed equity and credit portfolios are exposed to sectors at high risk in the transition to a net-zero economy, such as energy, utilities, industrials and materials.