• US asset manager climate ambition 'reversed' amid ESG backlash, research says

    01 August 2023

    US and Japanese asset managers have been named the worst offenders for climate inaction, with the climate ambition of US managers "reversing" progress from recent years, according to analysis by InfluenceMap.

  • CDP: 90% of companies failing to set 2025 deforestation targets

    06 July 2023

    More than 90% of companies that reported to CDP have yet to publicly commit to ending deforestation by 2025 for at least one commodity.

  • Investors 'starting to price-in biodiversity risk'

    06 July 2023

    Biodiversity-related policy events such as COP15 triggered stock downturns in companies with the largest biodiversity footprints, according to research.

  • NZIA ditches all emissions targets for insurers

    06 July 2023

    The Net-Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA) has scrapped all requirements for member firms to set and publish emissions reduction targets following a mass exodus of members in recent months.

  • Actuaries crunch the numbers on climate scenarios - and warn many are 'implausible'

    04 July 2023

    A membership body for actuaries has warned financial institutions against relying unquestioningly on climate-related scenarios, with results from some models "far too benign and, in some cases, implausible".

  • Sustainable Fitch launches oil & gas transition assessment

    03 July 2023

    Sustainable Fitch has launched a transition assessment tool for oil and gas companies, to "provide greater visibility on targets, commitments and actions to date".

  • Managing risk amid the 'third wave' of climate litigation

    29 June 2023

    As climate litigation risk gathers momentum, Nadine Coudel and Robert Gardner look at what steps energy companies can take to identify and reduce these risks

  • Coal companies struggling to finance transition, says Fitch

    27 June 2023

    Many coal companies in Asia are struggling to raise finance to transition their businesses, while coal is still seen as a strong opportunity, Fitch has said.