• GFANZ signatories urged to address 'blind spot' on deforestation

    27 November 2023

    With the "vast majority" of financial institutions still not taking action on deforestation, investor coalitions such as the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) have been urged to push their signatories to take action.

  • $9.5trn group of asset owners calls for 'smarter not more' engagement on climate

    16 November 2023

    A $9.5 trillion group of asset owners has urged their asset managers to set clearer objectives for climate engagement with their investees, as one member called for a 'smarter not harder' approach.

  • 190 investors sign up to collaborative engagement on nature

    26 September 2023

    190 institutional investors have signed up to collaborate to pressure 100 companies to address their negative impacts on nature, on the launch of Nature Action 100 (NA100) at Environmental Finance's Natural Capital Americas conference.

  • With a watered-down NZIA, where do insurers' climate commitments stand?

    21 August 2023

    After six of the eight founding members left the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance, Joshua Geer investigates if their ambitions stand

  • Impact measurement 'can lead to perverse incentives'

    04 August 2023

    Focus less on measuring impact, and more on companies with impactful products and services, Robbie Miles tells Genevieve Redgrave

  • Don't rely on COP to build sustainable agriculture market, says Allianz GI

    25 July 2023

    The COP28 presidency today launched a food system and agriculture work programme - but one investor said the private sector, rather than policymakers, would be the real drivers of change.