• ASEAN Taxonomy extended to transport, construction and real estate

    27 March 2024

    An update to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance has seen the ground-breaking 'green' list extended to cover the transport and construction and real estate sectors.

  • 'Transition is the new battleground'

    07 November 2023

    Following the launch of ASEAN transition finance guidance, Eugene Wong argues that the shift to net zero requires a local, rather than a global, approach. Ahren Lester reports

  • GFANZ APAC launches consultation on managed coal phase out

    05 June 2023

    The Asia Pacific chapter of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) has published guidance for financing the early retirement of coal-fired power plants.

  • ASEAN taxonomy update details coal phase out

    28 March 2023

    The ASEAN Taxonomy Board has included the early phase out of coal assets as a green or amber activity in the second version of its taxonomy - in what it claims is a first in any regional taxonomy.

  • Philippines opens consultation on sustainability-linked bond standards

    07 February 2023
  • ASEAN sustainable fund standards will need tightening, says HSBC

    21 February 2022

    A proposal for an ASEAN sustainable fund standard is a "good start" but will need to be tightened to align it with other international standards...

  • Nomura, HSBC and ING among ASEAN sustainable finance working group members

    22 June 2021

    An industry advisory panel (IAP) of sustainable finance has been launched by the ASEAN Capital Markets Forum (ACMF)...

  • ASEAN green infrastructure facility aims to catalyse $1bn in blended finance

    08 April 2019

    Southeast Asian governments, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and major European development banks have joined forces to launch a blended finance facility that aims to invest more than $1 billion in green infrastructure across Southeast Asia.

  • Bearing the standard for green bond growth

    24 August 2018

    As the green bond market has grown, a plethora of national and regional standards has sprung up. What do they bring to the market and are they necessary, ask Michael Hurley and Peter Cripps

  • Tackling climate change in SE Asia

    24 August 2017

    Climate change is a significant threat to the economies of South East Asia. Alexandra Tracy reviews the main challenges, the government responses and the financing required for mitigation and adaptation measures.