• Australia looking to expand climate disclosures into nature

    03 November 2023

    Australia is looking to build flexibility into its climate disclosure regulations, with a view to expanding disclosures into nature-related issues in the future.

  • Australian regulator hits Vanguard with greenwashing litigation - again

    25 July 2023

    The Australian regulator has launched legal proceedings against Vanguard Investments Australia for misleading investors over its "ethically conscious" fund.

  • Australia to align standards with ISSB

    18 July 2023

    The Australian government has announced it will align its forthcoming reporting standards "as far as practicable" with those by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB).

  • Australian regulator urges ISSB preparation

    15 June 2023

    Australia government will this month release guidance on how it will implement the International Sustainability Standards Board's (ISSB) forthcoming sustainability and climate disclosure standards, and its regulator has urged the market to start preparing for their adoption.

  • Greenhushing is just another form of greenwashing, says Australian regulator

    05 June 2023

    The chair of Australia's regulator has criticised 'greenhushing' - whereby companies do not publicly communicate their sustainability strategy - as "just another form of greenwashing".

  • Australian regulator fines superfund for greenwashing

    02 May 2023

    The Australian regulator has fined the marketing arm of superannuation fund Future Super for alleged greenwashing.

  • Australian regulator urged to investigate ANZ

    29 March 2023

    The Australian regulator has been urged to investigate ANZ over claims it misled investors on a climate resolution at its annual general meeting.

  • Australian regulator launches greenwashing litigation against superfund

    28 February 2023

    The Australian regulator has launched court action against 'superfund' Mercer Super for misleading its sustainable fund investors over its involvement in fossil fuels.

  • Australian regulator ready to litigate greenwashing claims

    07 February 2023

    The Australian securities markets regulator has told Environmental Finance that it is preparing to increase action against greenwashing and take the most 'egregious' cases to court.

  • Australian regulator fines energy company for greenwashing

    09 January 2023