• Investors calling on TNFD to address nature restoration

    18 October 2022

    The TNFD has said that investors have asked the group to showcase more opportunities to finance restoration of nature.

  • Avant garde: biodiversity reporting in France

    17 October 2022

    As French financial institutions report biodiversity-related information under the pioneering Article 29, Thomas Cox assesses the lessons learned

  • Axa IM: Agrifood biodiversity problem is 'elephant in the room'

    04 October 2022

    The agricultural supply chain's impact on biodiversity is an obvious problem that is being avoided by financial institutions, which often do not know how to address the issue, an executive at Axa Investment Managers (Axa IM) has said.

  • Generalist SDG strategies are less impactful, says Axa IM Alts

    26 September 2022

    Sector-specific strategies targeting one or two sustainable development goals (SDGs) are more 'impactful' than 'generalist' funds, said Axa Investment Managers (IM) Alts.

  • AXA-backed firm launches 1,000-hectare forest programme

    16 September 2022

    Carbon offset firm Shared Wood Company (SWC), which is supported by AXA Investment Managers (IM), has launched a 1,000-hectare tree-planting programme in France in its first deal.

  • Biodiversity data guide aims to address investor 'challenges'

    28 July 2022

    A guide on biodiversity integration by financial institutions that looks to navigate difficulties including on data availability and consistency is set to be published in September by the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation (FfB).