• News round-up: GRI, SASB standards 'complementary', BoA boosts ESG financing target, Impax reaches assets milestone ... and more

    09 April 2021
  • Bank of America boosts environmental financing initiative to $1trn

    09 April 2021
  • Winners revealed in Environmental Finance's Bond Awards 2021

    31 March 2021
  • News round-up: TCFD, John Kerry, Legal and General, Church of England, and more

    24 March 2021
  • RAN fossil fuel investigation shows massive continued financing from banks

    24 March 2021
  • Global banks supply $800m a day to plastics supply chain

    07 January 2021

    The amount of money that banks have pumped into the global plastics supply chain has been tracked in a new report

  • News Round Up: State Street, Bank of America, CFA Institute, and more

    01 December 2020
  • PCAF launches standard for global emissions

    19 November 2020

    The Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) has launched a methodology which intends to enable banks to measure and disclose the emissions associated with their financed activities.

  • Banks under fire for funding that threatens biodiversity

    28 October 2020

    The world's largest banks have been named and shamed for continuing to fund activities that threaten the biodiversity of the planet.

  • APG invests $50m in 'racial equality' bond

    08 October 2020

    Netherlands-based pensions asset manager APG has invested $50 million in Bank of America's $2 billion 'Equality Progress Sustainability Bond' that was issued last month.