• How Trump inspired climate action by US companies and cities

    08 June 2018

    Companies and cities across the US have taken on a leadership role in terms of climate change action, since President Trump pulled the country out of the Paris Agreement 12 months ago, says Lance Pierce.

  • Investors press politicians to facilitate more low-carbon investment

    04 June 2018

    Leading institutional investors have called on national governments to act more urgently to spur private sector capital into low-carbon investments.

  • CBI updates green bond water criteria to accommodate natural capital

    23 May 2018

    Wetlands, watersheds and forests will become an acceptable use of proceeds for Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)-certified green bonds under revised criteria.

  • Cement companies need to ramp up their emissions reductions, CDP says

    09 April 2018

    Cement companies need to more than double their emissions reductions if they are to align with the Paris agreement, a report has claimed.

  • Tool launched to raise investor awareness on deforestation risks

    29 March 2018

    An online platform to support financial institutions in understanding and mitigating deforestation risks has been launched.

  • Climate-related disclosure: a new dawn

    21 March 2018

    Numerous developments are helping to drive improvements in corporate reporting of non-financial issues and to raise investor expectations, says Adams Koshy.

  • Figueres: infrastructure bonds should be green bonds

    20 March 2018

    Former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres issued a rallying call for cities, governments and large companies to issue green bonds to finance their infrastructure projects, as she seeks to shift the market's growth into a higher gear.

  • Companies sluggish to act on TCFD, report finds

    19 March 2018

    Just one in 10 companies provide incentives for board members to manage climate-related risks and opportunities, representing a failure to act on the recommendations of the FSB's Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), a report has found.

  • Major investor initiative to tackle climate change on four fronts announced

    01 February 2018

    A landmark initiative to spur investors to attack climate change on the four fronts of engagement, disclosure, low-carbon investing and policy advocacy has been launched.

  • Electric vehicles could hit price parity with diesel and petrol from 2022, CDP says

    19 January 2018

    Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) will reach price parity with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles from about 2022, according to research published by CDP.