• ESMA fund guidelines may be headwind for sustainable bonds, says Abrdn

    21 May 2024

    The recently published sustainable fund naming guidelines published by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) could dampen demand for labelled sustainable bonds, according to Abrdn.

  • EU ESG funds told to prove their sustainable investment claims under new rules

    14 May 2024

    EU funds with any ESG-related words in their name must ensure that at least 80% of their investments reflect this wording, and must exclude companies that derive a large part of their revenues from fossil fuels, under new rules confirmed today (14 May).

  • ESMA proposes mandating ESG transparency in credit ratings

    03 April 2024

    The European securities regulator has proposed requiring credit ratings agencies to explicitly state where and how ESG factors are incorporated in their methodologies.

  • ESMA launches EU green bond external reviewer consultation

    27 March 2024

    The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) launched a consultation on the draft technical standards it plans to use for the registration and supervision of external reviewers of bonds issued in line with the EU Green Bond Standard (EU GBS).

  • French companies sound alarm at 'greenwashing' in ESMA sustainability enforcement rules

    22 March 2024

    The French Association of Large Companies (AFEP) has voiced concern that draft rules for regulators enforcing the disclosure of sustainability-related information will too strictly police perceived 'greenwashing' and be complex to apply.

  • Performance in Covid period shows resilience of ESG investing, ESMA research says

    20 February 2024

    ESG-themed listed equities funds tended to have better financial performance and higher inflows than their peers at the height of Covid-19 - indicating the resilience of the investment style in periods of extreme financial stress, according to research by a regulator.

  • People moves, 9 February: TPG Rise, AXA, Abrdn, Cbus, Pollination and ... more

    09 February 2024
  • EU regulator sounds 'impact washing' alarm call

    02 February 2024

    Funds that purport to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been found to "not significantly differ" to peers that do not make such claims, in analysis by the European securities regulator.

  • Sustainability assured?

    15 January 2024

    Are organisations ready for regulators' demands for independent assurance of sustainability disclosures, and are investors ready to reward companies providing assurance, Michael Hurley asks

  • Regulators open consultation on free EU database

    08 January 2024