• Climate-related disclosure: a new dawn

    21 March 2018

    Numerous developments are helping to drive improvements in corporate reporting of non-financial issues and to raise investor expectations, says Adams Koshy.

  • TPI hails watershed moment for investors in oil and gas

    21 March 2018

    A Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) study of disclosures by Shell, Total and Petrobras can "fundamentally change the game" for investors hoping to pressure oil majors into reducing their carbon emissions.

  • Hermes spearheads Climate Action 100+ engagements with VW, Siemens

    23 February 2018

    Hermes Equity Ownership Services (EOS) is to pressure Volkswagen to increase its climate-related dialogue with shareholders as it spearheads a pair of Climate Action 100+ engagements.

  • Largest 200 clean energy companies best fossil fuel benchmark by 16%

    19 February 2018

    The world's 200 largest publicly listed companies by total clean energy revenues outperformed their industry benchmark by 16.4% over the last 18 months, according to the latest Carbon Clean 200 list.

  • Norway oil fund plots path to divestment

    16 February 2018

    Norway's finance ministry has set up an expert group to explore radical changes to the way it invests in energy stocks through its $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund, including abandoning investments in oil and gas companies.

  • Danish pension fund PKA engaging with 64 oil and gas giants on climate

    09 February 2018

    Danish pension fund PKA has said divestment is a possibility for 64 oil and gas companies with which it is currently engaging on climate-related issues.

  • Exxon takes encouraging disclosure steps but must go further, investors say

    08 February 2018

    The latest climate-related disclosures by oil giant ExxonMobil fail to go far enough in setting out how climate change is likely to impact its business, say an influential group of investors that led last year's successful shareholder resolution against the company.

  • New York State pension fund commits extra $2bn to low-carbon index

    01 February 2018

    The $203 billion New York State Common pension fund has doubled its exposure to its own low-carbon index to $4 billion.

  • BlackRock founder urges business leaders to contribute more to society

    17 January 2018

    BlackRock's founder and CEO Larry Fink has sent a letter to other CEOs telling them to do more to contribute to society or risk losing BlackRock's support.

  • New York City files to sue five oil majors, plans $5bn pension fossil fuel divestment

    11 January 2018

    New York City has filed a lawsuit against five oil majors for damages caused by climate change, and the city's pension funds intend to divest $5 billion from fossil fuel companies, as its mayor launched a blistering attack on the firms.