• Estimated data key to plug expected gaps in UK taxonomy reports, government told

    11 September 2023
  • Delay UK financial institution taxonomy reporting, expert group urges

    01 September 2023

    The UK should allow financial institutions to delay reporting their alignment with a proposed 'green taxonomy' to enable them to benefit from access to corporate disclosures, an expert group has urged the country's government.

  • UK advised to develop green bond standard

    16 August 2023

    The UK Treasury should develop a voluntary Green Bond Standard to enable issuance of green bonds aligned to the UK green taxonomy, an expert group has recommended.

  • Use green taxonomy to steer nature impact fund, UK government told

    15 August 2023
  • UK 'should streamline EU's DNSH criteria for its own taxonomy'

    02 August 2023

    The more than 700 'do no significant harm' (DNSH) criteria for disclosures in line with the EU taxonomy should be drastically cut back to avoid "usability issues" with the UK's own version, according to a UK government-mandated expert group.