• NZBA to publish accountability mechanism in 'coming weeks'

    08 January 2024

    The Net Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA) will in "coming weeks" publish details of its procedure for engaging with members not meeting their commitments, ahead of a deadline for the founding members of UN-convened alliance to report their targets.

  • Regulators open consultation on free EU database

    08 January 2024
  • COP28: What can we take away?

    08 January 2024

    The agreement has increased transition risks, writes Anya Solovieva

  • Nature poses credit risk to Asian sovereigns

    05 January 2024

    Nature-related risks such as flooding or cyclones pose a major credit risk to south and southeast Asian sovereigns, Fitch Ratings has warned.

  • NZBA welcomes first Chinese member but suffers second bank exit

    04 January 2024

    The Bank of East Asia (BEA) has become the first Chinese member of the Net Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA), but US lender Blue Ridge Bank also became only the second member to "withdraw from" the UN-convened industry group.

  • 2024 outlook: Sand in the gears of sustainable finance policy

    03 January 2024

    Looming elections and burgeoning disclosure regimes point to a slowdown in sustainable finance policymaking, but the spectre of fines for greenwashing is on the rise, Michael Hurley writes

  • ESG disclosures: more clarification needed to turn grey areas into green

    01 January 2024

    Tightening sustainability regulations means asset managers should act now to future-proof their disclosure processes, Ruth Knox writes

  • Bank of Japan warns of climate risk 'spillover' across industries from rise in carbon prices

    22 December 2023

    Climate transition risks spurred by rising carbon prices could have damaging and widespread "spillover" effects across the Japanese economy - including to regional banks not substantially exposed to the worst-hit sectors, the Japanese central bank has warned.

  • People Moves, 22 December: Nikko AM, Kiko Ventures, SUSI Partners, Royal London

    22 December 2023
  • ING to phase out oil and gas financing by 2040

    20 December 2023