• Don't vilify carbon markets, 'offsets will be needed in short-term', says TP ICAP

    18 July 2023

    While there are inevitably some in the voluntary carbon market that are trying to "game the market", the level of criticism suffered by the market is unjustified, TP ICAP has told Environmental Finance.

  • Emissions trading schemes hit by coronavirus pandemic

    26 March 2020

    Emissions trading schemes (ETS) have been seriously impacted by the coronavirus epidemic, which has slashed demand for carbon credits, and raised the prospect that policymakers may have to intervene to shore up prices.

  • Marex Spectron reopens EU carbon desk as it identifies 'significant opportunity'

    12 January 2018

    Broker Marex Spectron has reopened its EU carbon emissions desk in London, citing renewed confidence in the EU's Emissions Trading System (ETS).

  • Structural work underpins carbon market optimism

    03 January 2018

    If 2017 was the year of carbon market maintenance, with legislation extending the life of schemes in the US and Europe, 2018 could be defined by greater linking between initiatives, says Michael Hurley

  • The world's first debt swap to protect oceans is 'model for conservation'

    15 March 2016

    Africa's Seychelles has undertaken the "first ever debt swap aimed at ocean conservation and climate mitigation".

  • Investors with $2.6trn of assets make divestment pledges

    23 September 2015

    Investors with combined assets of $2.6 trillion have made pledges to divest from fossil fuels, according to a new report.

  • The only way is up

    11 December 2014

    This year's winners in the carbon markets section of our annual rankings believe the tide has finally turned after the economic downturn in 2008 sent prices and volumes tumbling. Graham Cooper and Sophie Robinson-Tillett report