• IGCC: Australian 2030 climate target is 'deep concern to investors'

    26 October 2021

    Australia's failure to commit to an ambitious target for decarbonising by 2030 risks blocking billions of dollars of investment, the Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) has said.

  • CLP to cut out coal by 2040 following engagement

    24 September 2021

    Hong Kong-based power company CLP Group will drop coal by 2040 and target net zero by 2050...

  • Investor groups outline Australian mandatory climate disclosure roadmap

    29 June 2021

    The UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) and CDP have published a roadmap...

  • $35trn investors urge governments to step up climate change action

    20 September 2019

    Institutional investors with $35 trillion in assets under management (AUM) have urged the world's governments to do more to tackle climate change ahead of next week's UN climate action summit.

  • Australia launches HLEG-style sustainable finance initiative

    27 March 2019

    A group of leaders and senior executives at Australia’s major banks, superannuation funds and insurance companies has been assembled to devise a sustainable finance ‘roadmap’.