• LeapFrog leads $48m funding in Indian lender

    04 April 2024
  • COP28: LeapFrog launches $500m climate investment strategy

    01 December 2023
  • LeapFrog targets $1bn for fourth fund

    06 October 2023
  • LeapFrog: reaching emerging markets

    19 May 2023

    There is correlation between impact and returns, according to LeapFrog Investments. Peter Cripps reports

  • Leapfrog eyes Indian climate tech

    23 February 2023

    Impact investor Leapfrog is looking for Indian climate technology opportunities this year, which it described as possibly the nation's "defining year" for the sector.

  • Goldman Sachs, Leapfrog invest $150m in Indian insurtech

    14 February 2023
  • Leapfrog invests $70m in off-grid solar firm Sun King

    15 December 2022
  • The 'green discount' in emerging countries

    07 December 2022

    Massive population growth needs to be met with drastically scaled up climate finance in developing countries, writes Nakul Zaveri

  • LeapFrog launches climate investment strategy

    04 November 2022

    Impact investor LeapFrog has launched a Climate Investment Strategy to invest in green products and services to meet consumer demand in emerging markets.

  • LeapFrog looks to smartphones to tackle financial exclusion

    12 October 2022

    LeapFrog Investments said it is looking to harness the spread of smartphones to grow its positive impact, after its analysis found that the devices are critical to addressing the themes of 'financial inclusion' and 'health & wellbeing'.