• External reviews are the 'main sticking point' for sustainable loan deals

    30 October 2023

    Updated guidance on external reviews is being readied, the Loan Market Association's Gemma Lawrence-Pardew tells Ahren Lester

  • ESG private credit reporting project aims to bolster SFDR alignment

    14 August 2023

    The ESG Integrated Disclosure Project (ESG IDP) has welcomed the "positive reaction" from loan market participants to its template for private credit sustainability reporting, as it looks to bolster alignment with the EU SFDR.

  • Green, Social and Sustainability-linked Loan Principles updated

    24 February 2023

    Three trade associations have published the latest updates to their sustainable loan principles, including tightened guidance around annual target setting and reporting for sustainability-linked loans.

  • Credit-focused harmonised ESG reporting tool launched

    08 November 2022

    A harmonised environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting tool for the private credit market has been launched which is intended to give private creditors a "bigger voice" during the investment process by improving data availability.

  • Credit-focused harmonised ESG reporting tool launch imminent

    10 October 2022

    The launch of a harmonised environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting tool for the credit market being developed by the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and two trade associations is expected in the next few weeks.

  • LMA urges vigilance on 'a la carte' sustainability-linked loans

    08 July 2022

    The Loan Market Association (LMA) said that the sustainability-linked loan (SLL) label should be "earnt, not handed over," as the trade association warned against the development of 'sustainability à la carte'.

  • 'Vital' ESG credit harmonisation project launched

    01 April 2022

    Two credit industry associations are joining with the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) to develop a "vital" environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting template for the credit market, expected to be published in the spring.

  • Social Loan Principles launched by industry associations

    13 April 2021

    Social Loan Principles (SLP) have been published by the trio of industry associations that administer the widely used voluntary principles for green and sustainability-linked loans.

  • Green bond comment: September 2020: Sustainable loans market should learn a transparency lesson from bonds

    02 September 2020

    The sustainable loan market is emulating the labelled bond market in terms of its rapid growth. But the same cannot be said of the level of information it offers, laments Ahren Lester

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    21 July 2020

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