• New benchmark 'could be bellwether index' for sustainable finance

    15 June 2022

    A new index that combines material ESG data with climate transition data could become the "bellwether benchmark" in sustainable finance, its co-creator believes.

  • PBAF standard targets 'black box' biodiversity data

    14 June 2022

    The Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials (PBAF) has launched its latest version of an impact biodiversity standard that aims to tackle opaque biodiversity data.

  • Emerging markets 'need their own taxonomy'

    29 April 2022

    Emerging markets need their own taxonomy of sustainable activities that is even more granular than the EU Taxonomy, according to one ESG data expert.

  • Russia posed 'challenge' to ESG emerging market benchmarks

    29 April 2022

    Russia's invasion of Ukraine posed a challenge to some environmental, social and governance (ESG) emerging market (EM) benchmarks...

  • SFDR confusion 'may extend for a decade'

    29 April 2022

    It may take as much as 10 years to resolve confusion over how investment managers should classify their funds in line with EU regulation on reporting the extent they pursue sustainability objectives, according to a sustainability expert.

  • Investors split on reporting ESG impact of 'shorting', MSCI finds

    21 April 2022

    Investors are split on the type and extent of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) information that should be reported when taking 'short' positions on companies, according to MSCI.