• SDR-aligned ESG data tool next on the agenda for MainStreet

    16 May 2024

    An ESG data platform aligned with the UK Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) is likely to be the next tool to come from Allfunds' partnership with MainStreet Partners, Environmental Finance understands.

  • Allfunds and MainStreet jointly launch sustainable portfolio construction data tool

    09 May 2024
  • Will AI be transformative for ESG data? Part two

    06 May 2024

    The second part of this feature exploring how the AI revolution could transform the ESG data landscape, looks at how AI can be used to generate actionable insights and where it will go next. Peter Cripps reports

  • Will AI be transformative for ESG data?

    03 May 2024

    The AI revolution is already transforming the ESG data landscape. But how much trust should we place in the bots, asks Peter Cripps

  • Labelled bonds: Europe leads, Asia catching

    25 March 2024

    What are the geographical features of the green, social and sustainable bond market, asks Pietro Sette

  • Green bonds crucial to real estate transition

    24 October 2023

    Labelled bonds have a key role to play in helping the sector to meet its environmental goals, writes Max Roper

  • 18% of sustainability-linked bonds 'pose greenwashing risk'

    12 September 2023

    Almost one-in-five sustainability-linked bonds (SLBs) in the market pose "too great a greenwashing risk" for MainStreet Partners, compared with less than one-in-ten for specific use-of-proceeds bonds.

  • REC-reduced emissions targets are 'not reputable', says MainStreet

    31 August 2023

    The use of 'market-based' emissions targets for sustainability-linked instruments is "not reputable", as it demonstrates no long-term operational sustainability improvement, according to MainStreet Partners.

  • Sustainability-linked bond target rebasing threatens credibility of market

    18 August 2023

    The baselines used to set sustainability-linked bond (SLB) targets are being changed "a lot" more than expected, in a trend that threatens the credibility of the market, MainStreet Partners has warned.

  • 30% of sustainability-linked bond targets 'on track to fail'

    07 August 2023

    Up to 30% of all sustainability-linked bond (SLB) targets on the market are "on track to fail," which MainStreet Partners said is getting close to "alarming" levels for issuers and investors.