• Landmark Italian green bond ten-times oversubscribed

    05 March 2021

    Italy has issued the largest ever sovereign green bond with its €8.5 billion ($10.2 billion) maiden green note, which was nearly ten times oversubscribed by investors.

  • Green bond round-up, 30 January

    30 January 2019

    Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica has made its debut in the green bond market, raising €1 billion in a five-year deal. It claims this is the first bond from an issuer in the telecoms sector.

  • Green bonds round-up - 24 Oct - 17 new deals

    24 October 2018

    Royal Schiphol Group, the owner of Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, has priced a green bond worth €500 million ($576 million), making it the first European airport to issue green-labelled notes.

  • Green is Good

    22 August 2018

    Times are a-changin' in the bond market. Companies with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings stand to have privileged access to the capital markets. A universal 'green treasury' approach is needed to reap the economic and social rewards, says Arthur Krebbers

  • Green bonds round-up, 4 July

    04 July 2018

    Spanish utility Iberdrola has returned to the market with its tenth green bond. The €750 million deal pays a coupon of 1.25% and matures in October 2026.

  • Green Bond Comment, February 2018

    07 March 2018

    Sovereign issuers gave a major boost to the green bond market in February, with inaugural issues from Belgium (€4.5 billion) and Indonesia ($1.25 billion) and a repeat issue from Poland (€1.0 billion).

  • Studies confirm pricing benefits to green bond issuers

    05 February 2018

    Issuing green bonds can raise the price of a company's entire debt in the secondary market, according to research by NatWest Markets.