• Investors start to weigh water risks

    18 April 2017

    Investor interest in corporate water risk is increasing fast. A range of tools and services are being developed to help companies respond. Graham Cooper reports

  • Initiative aims to help banks measure the economic impact of drought

    04 May 2016

    Nine banks have joined an initiative to help measure the economic impact of drought in their stress testing scenarios.

  • Tool invented to assess water risk in corporate bonds

    08 September 2015

    A tool launched today will make it easier for investors to incorporate water risk into their corporate bond credit risk analysis.

  • Tool to help investors assess deforestation risks to portfolios

    31 July 2015

    Banks and investors are being urged to assess the risks to their portfolios from deforestation, using a new tool created by the UN.

  • Kookie goes to Kenya

    19 September 2013

    WWF International has appointed Kookie Habtegaber as its global coordinator, green economies, to help develop its economic strategy.