• BNP Paribas IP provides carbon footprint of nearly 100 of its funds

    14 November 2016

    BNP Paribas Investment Partners (IP) has increased the number of funds it measures the carbon footprint of to nearly 100.

  • 'The irresistible force'

    17 June 2016

    Investors are increasingly demanding that companies disclose material climate risks. CalPERS' Anne Simpson tells Peter Cripps why

  • Leading the charge

    05 April 2016

    The historic Paris climate change agreement has underlined what is arguably the biggest challenge faced by financial markets in a generation, says Peter Cripps

  • Portfolio Decarbonisation Coalition: One Year On

    09 February 2016

    Having attracted $600 billion of commitments, the coalition has made great strides but portfolio-wide decarbonisation is still in its infancy and faces significant challenges, argue Rory Sullivan and Lisa Petrovic

  • Quotes of the Quarter

    04 January 2016

    A round-up of the quotes of Q4 2015 that made headlines, including commments from Narendra Modi, Michael Bloomberg and Frederic Samama

  • Looking back at 2015, and looking ahead to 2016

    31 December 2015

    It has been a landmark year for environmental investment themes. Hamza Ali looks back at some of the key developments of 2015 and asks what the following year will bring

  • 'It's becoming harder to keep your head buried in the sand'

    02 December 2015

    As the Portfolio Decarbonisation Coalition hits $230 billion, Amundi's Frederic Samama tells Sophie Robinson-Tillett why investors are throwing their weight behind the initiative

  • Portfolio Decarbonisation Coalition smashes its $100bn pre-Paris target

    27 November 2015

    The Portfolio Decarbonisation Coalition (PDC) has landed commitments of $230 billion – more than double its pre-climate summit target.

  • RobecoSAM to decarbonise, but rejects outright fossil fuel divestment

    07 August 2015

    Sustainable investment specialist RobecoSAM has intensified its efforts to address its carbon risk, but prefers "a more nuanced approach" than outright fossil fuel divestment.

  • Time to believe in miracles?

    08 July 2015

    Numerous policy announcements and actions from companies are helping to put climate change firmly on the agenda, fuelling hopes of a meaningful climate agreement in Paris in December, says Peter Cripps