• Ditching governance reforms 'will diminish attractiveness of UK companies', warns pension fund

    10 November 2023

    The UK regulator's move to ditch reforms to require more sustainability reporting by company board and audit committees will make UK companies less attractive to investors, a senior executive at one of the country's largest pension funds has said.

  • UK told to adopt ISSB in full to encourage 'equivalence' with US, EU disclosures

    01 November 2023

    The UK has been urged to adopt the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) standards in their entirety, in a move that would support efforts to ensure 'equivalence' with US and EU requirements, respondents to a consultation said.

  • NBIM warns London listing change would curb investor influence

    30 June 2023

    The manager of the world's largest sovereign wealth fund has added its voice to warnings that the UK's plans to reform its listing rules could "decrease" the influence of investor engagement with companies.

  • Railpen welcomes proposed tightening of UK Corporate Governance Code

    25 May 2023

    Pension fund Railpen has welcomed potential changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code to bolster the role of sustainability and ESG reporting in the responsibilities of company board and audit committees.

  • Storebrand: Investors should apply biodiversity exclusions 'much more'

    23 March 2023

    Investors should be adopting the "precautionary principle" around investment exclusions on biodiversity grounds "much more", Storebrand told an Environmental Finance event

  • Navigating net zero

    14 December 2022

    Investors have a key role to play if the economy is to transition to net zero emissions by 2050. But how can they assess the credibility of transition strategies, asks Peter Cripps

  • Railpen to vote against chair if companies' transition plans unsatisfactory

    05 December 2022

    UK Railway pensions manager Railpen has warned companies it will consider voting against the re-election of their chair, if it deems their transition plans unsatisfactory.