• People moves

    07 October 2014

    A round-up of the latest new appointments and moves in the industry, including changes at Actiam, Alliance Trust and Roth Capital Partners

  • Carbon Tracker identifies potential stranded assets in oil majors

    15 August 2014

    Projected capital expenditure by Total and ExxonMobil is more heavily dependent on high oil prices than that of other oil majors, according to the Carbon Tracker Initiative (CTI), a financial think tank.

  • Will there be blood?

    16 July 2014

    The stranded carbon assets debate has gathered steam in the wake of a new report on the oil sector and after fossil fuel giants addressed the issue for the first time. What are the implications for investors, asks Peter Cripps.

  • Shell underestimates 'stranded assets' risk, says Carbon Tracker

    09 July 2014

    Royal Dutch Shell is underestimating the risk that some of its oil and gas reserves could become 'stranded assets' as a result of action to combat climate change, according to the Carbon Tracker Initiative (CTI), a financial sector think tank.

  • Shell considers 'stranded assets' risk when screening projects

    29 May 2014

    The possibility that certain oil and gas assets may become 'stranded' as a result of government regulations to combat climate change is included in contingency plans when Royal Dutch Shell assesses potential new projects, a company spokesman said.

  • Norway's $800bn 'oil fund' faces calls to change structure and divest from coal

    12 November 2013

    Norway's $800 billion 'oil fund' could face a major shake-up of the way it implements its responsible investment strategy after a report recommended that politicians leave decisions on divestments to the country's central bank.

  • Non-toxic investments

    19 June 2013

    Investors need to raise more questions about the financial risks arising from hazardous chemicals produced and used by a range of companies, says Sonja Haider