• Schroders launches Singapore natural capital investors

    26 July 2022

    Schroders, in collaboration with Conservation International, has launched a natural capital-focused investment management company.

  • Schroders backs Brunel UK impact fund

    07 July 2022
  • People moves 20 May: Aviva, Fidelity, M&G, Schroders and more...

    20 May 2022
  • Green bonds 'lead to more granular engagement'

    03 May 2022

    Green bonds typically lead to more granular discussions about projects than traditional bonds, a conference heard.

  • Schroders completes Greencoat acquisition in drive for renewables

    12 April 2022
  • US companies 'creating executive positions' to meet diversity targets

    05 April 2022

    "Non-traditional" roles are being added to US companies' executive teams to help them meet diversity targets, an asset manager has claimed.

  • Investors target Volkswagen for climate lobbying

    05 April 2022

    Seven European investors have co-filed a shareholder resolution with Volkswagen for "trailing behind its peers" to report its climate lobbying, after more than three years of dialogue with the car company.

  • Schroders will vote against 'climate laggard' board leaders, targets VW

    04 April 2022

    Schroders has outlined a new investment strategy that includes holding a company's executive board leader accountable if the firm fails to hit its climate targets.

  • Pass the Dutchie

    24 February 2022

    A new sustainable bond fund excludes Dutch and Australian sovereign bonds. Peter Cripps reports

  • Social impact investment trust makes £11m commitments

    18 February 2022

    Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust has invested £6.6 million ($9 million) in follow-on impact investments and committed a new, £4.5 million investment in the Community Investment Fund in the last three months.