• Letter to the editor - The importance of energy efficiency

    07 August 2020
  • Environmental groups target US corporates for climate change action

    16 October 2019

    Eleven environmental groups have sent an open letter to the CEOs of US businesses urging them to step up their action on climate change.

  • Figueres: infrastructure bonds should be green bonds

    20 March 2018

    Former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres issued a rallying call for cities, governments and large companies to issue green bonds to finance their infrastructure projects, as she seeks to shift the market's growth into a higher gear.

  • VCS becomes Verra as it seeks to capture sustainable development opportunity

    20 February 2018

    The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) has changed its name to Verra as it aims to capture growing demand for sustainable development and environmental standards with the launch of new products.

  • Businesses lay out their demands ahead of COP21

    02 November 2015

    A coalition representing some of the biggest companies in the world has cranked up the pressure on finance ministers to deliver a "robust and meaningful agreement" at the Paris climate summit in a month.

  • Oil firms demand worldwide carbon pricing in open letter

    01 June 2015

    A group of six oil companies have called for the introduction of a global carbon price as part of "ambitious policy frameworks" to help tackle climate change, in an open letter to world leaders.

  • Were the pledges at the UN Climate Summit bold enough?

    24 September 2014

    The flurry of pledges and initiatives launched at the UN Climate Summit has sparked claims that the event represents "a shift of consciousness moment".

  • Telecoms giant aims to slash emissions throughout supply chain

    18 June 2013

    A telecommunications giant has unveiled a new strategy to reduce emissions throughout its supply chain, and aims to help its customers reduce their carbon emissions by at least three times its current emissions by 2020.