• ERAFP finds 19% carbon benefit in listed equity portfolio

    06 March 2014

    French pension fund ERAFP's portfolio of large-cap, developed-world, listed equities has a carbon-intensity almost one-fifth lower than its benchmark, analysts have found.

  • Standard Life Investments boosts sustainability team

    30 September 2013

    Standard Life Investments has appointed a new head of sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) and added two managers to the team.

  • US investment manager offers carbon-neutral fund

    25 June 2013

    A US investment manager is to make one of its funds carbon-neutral by purchasing emission offset credits from projects that generate electricity from methane captured at landfill sites.

  • Natural capital roadmap launched

    04 June 2013

    An initiative to help companies in the financial sector account for natural capital has launched a roadmap, marking the start of a new phase in its development.