• Van Lanschot Kempen reports sharp uptick in SDG-alignment

    31 March 2023

    Van Lanschot Kempen said three of its sustainable funds saw a sharp increase in the value of holdings that are aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2022.

  • Four years after Brumadinho - investor mining commission launches

    25 January 2023

    Investors have launched a commission to raise sustainability standards in the mining sector, four years after the Brumadinho mining disaster, which killed 270 people.

  • Second COP27 draft published without 'loss and damage' fund

    18 November 2022

    The second draft of the COP27 final agreement includes a placeholder for a 'loss and damage' fund as countries continue to debate the topic.

  • COP27 draft criticised for not tackling fossil fuels

    17 November 2022

    The first draft of the COP27 final agreement has been criticised for not committing to reducing fossil fuel usage other than unabated coal, with an institutional investor lamenting the lack of progress.

  • Morgan Stanley: five takeaways for investors from UN biodiversity plan

    15 July 2021

    Morgan Stanley has revealed the implications of the UN's draft biodiversity plan for investors of targets...