• Profile: Jupiter's multi-asset Ecology fund takes a bite out of Apple

    30 September 2016

    Jupiter Asset Management's new multi-asset Ecology fund will allow it to invest in a broader range of companies than before, the asset manager tells Hamza Ali.

  • Funds 'would have gained 2% over three years' through divestment

    16 November 2015

    A number of major funds could have boosted their returns by more than 2% over the past three years by ditching fossil fuels, a new tool to measure the financial impact of divestment has found.

  • Free fund managers from 'tyranny of benchmarks', says former Schroders CIO

    08 May 2014

    Asset managers must be freed from the "tyranny" of being measured against benchmark indexes to help them address the risk of stranded carbon assets in their portfolios, a former chief investment officer at Schroders has claimed.