• Carbon trading with Chinese characteristics

    30 April 2015

    China is making rapid progress towards launching what is likely to be the world's largest emissions trading system. But, given the regulatory constraints on many Chinese industries, it is hard to predict how the market will evolve, says Maarten Neelis

  • SEB launches green bond fund for private investors

    27 April 2015

    Swedish bank SEB has further strengthened its position in the green bond market by launching a global green bond fund aimed at retail investors.

  • BP chairman urges policymakers to put price on carbon

    17 April 2015

    The chairman of oil giant BP has used the firm's annual general meeting (AGM), held yesterday, to call for governments to impose a carbon price in what climate-change activists have called a "game changing day".

  • Unilever's green bond: a difference of opinions

    15 April 2015

    In the year since its launch, Unilever's green bond has divided opinion and been omitted from the Barclays MSCI green bond index. Here, leading figures from the two sides of the debate outline their thinking.

  • World Bank's Kyte calls for 'more risk sharing' in green bond market

    27 March 2015

    Green bond investors need to stop relying on the balance sheets of large issuers and start sharing some of the risk, according to the World Bank's Rachel Kyte.

  • First Islamic green bonds expected this year

    13 March 2015

    Debt market professionals in the Middle East expect to see the first 'green sukuk' – the Islamic equivalent of green bonds – issued later this year.

  • World Bank responds to investor demand with second Green Growth Bond

    11 March 2015

    The World Bank has launched its second index-linked green bond for retail investors, following the success of its inaugural issue in January.

  • What is the future of high-yield green bonds?

    04 March 2015

    There has been only a handful of high-yield green bonds to date, but this segment of the market has potential to grow. Impact reporting and the relaxation of restrictions on issuers are two ways in which high-yield paper may differ from investment grade issues, argue Aaron Franklin and Francesco Lione.

  • Modi's $300bn renewables ambition for India

    27 February 2015

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans to spur a boom in renewables. Charles Yates looks at the opportunity – and some of the challenges – that lie ahead

  • World Bank sells 30-year green bond to Zurich

    20 February 2015

    The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD or World Bank) has issued a 30-year green bond exclusively for Zurich Insurance Group.