• Comment: Can natural capital become its own asset class?

    15 March 2024

    Investment in natural capital solutions is desperately needed, but many investors don't see a home for them in their portfolios, writes Peter Cripps

  • Insurance giants form Net-Zero Insurance Alliance

    12 July 2021
  • $5trn of investors set 'unprecedented' 1.5°C emissions target

    13 October 2020

    Some of the world's largest investors, with a combined $5 trillion in assets, have pledged to implement deep greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions in their portfolios over the next five years, putting them on course to help limit global warming to 1.5°C.

  • The Future of ESG Data conference: Don't separate impact from sustainability data

    15 September 2020

    Third-party data providers should make impact a part of their core sustainability data offering to help investors assess the net impact of their investments, UBS's Christopher Greenwald has said.

  • WEF's global risk ranking dominated by environmental concerns

    15 January 2020

    This year's Global Risks Report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has for the first time identified environmental and climate change-related concerns as all of the top five most likely risks.

  • Spurring sustainable investments with capital charges

    23 September 2019

    As sustainability makes its way into regulation, the question of capital charges punishing 'brown' investments or incentivising 'green' investments has come to the fore. While regulators are asking for risk-based evidence, stakeholders are not all in agreement on how to proceed. Vincent Huck reports

  • ESG engagement really does work, say investors

    20 May 2019

    Investors have proved that they have the power to bring about changes in company behaviour, when they engage with them on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, and they even have the potential to influence national governments, a panel at an MSCI conference heard.

  • People Moves: AXA, Lightsource BP, Triodos, Zurich

    24 September 2018

    AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) has set up a central responsible investment (RI) team, as it seeks to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into all of its investment platforms.

  • Actiam New Member of the ICMA Executive Committee

    19 June 2018

    The International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) announced Foppe-Jan van der Meij of Actiam as its new member of the Executive Committee of the Green Bond Principles (GBP) at the annual meeting on 14 June 2018.

  • Green bond comment, January 2018: What has the green bond market ever done for us?

    08 February 2018

    In the classic film Monty Python's Life of Brian, a group plotting to overthrow the Roman Empire ask: 'What have the Romans ever done for us?'