• Abrdn exec supports rainforest carbon credits 'OPEC'

    23 November 2022

    An Abrdn executive has expressed her support for a rainforest alliance between Brazil, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which proponents argue could transform markets for carbon credits.

  • Abrdn rates corporate disclosure in line with most TNFD metrics 'poor'

    18 November 2022

    Asset manager Abrdn has rated corporate data disclosure of 19 out of 24 of the metrics recommended by the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) as "poor".

  • COP27 draft criticised for not tackling fossil fuels

    17 November 2022

    The first draft of the COP27 final agreement has been criticised for not committing to reducing fossil fuel usage other than unabated coal, with an institutional investor lamenting the lack of progress.