• US Yieldcos: escaping the parent trap

    23 June 2017

    A recent spate of M&As in the yieldco space seems to point to a new chapter in the model's evolution. Hamza Ali reports

  • Investing with economic and environmental sense, even in high-emitting sectors

    31 May 2017

    Sometimes you find the answer to a problem in the place you least expect it.

  • Wheb private equity arm rebrands, becomes independent

    04 February 2016

    Wheb Partners, the private equity house created by Ben Goldsmith, has become independent from its parent company and garnered €140 million ($157 million) of new investment.

  • Profile: Ben Goldsmith/Menhaden Capital

    19 November 2015

    Ben Goldsmith explains why his new fund, Menhaden Capital, is investing in energy and resource efficiency - and why it's named after a fish. Sophie Robinson-Tillett reports

  • Menhaden Capital gets IPO away and awards mandate to Wheb

    03 August 2015

    Resource efficiency fund Menhaden Capital, which got its IPO away on Friday, has awarded a segregated mandate to Wheb Asset Management.

  • Ben Goldsmith floats new £150m green fund

    10 July 2015

    Ben Goldsmith is to launch a £150 million ($233 million) resource efficiency fund, with backing from investors including Jon Moulton and Michael Liebreich.

  • Coal assets to suffer most from fossil fuel 'divestment stigma'

    08 October 2013

    Coal stocks are more vulnerable than oil and natural gas to the fossil fuel divestment movement, according to a new study which has called on investors to evaluate the "poorly understood and regularly mispriced" environmental risks in their portfolios.

  • Agriculture assets at 'significant risk' of becoming devalued – report

    09 August 2013

    Climate change could cause assets in the agriculture sector to become 'stranded', a report has claimed, warning that an extreme loss of natural capital could result in $11.2 trillion being wiped off the value of agriculture assets in one year.