• Investors need to wise-up to 'six shades of greenwashing'

    17 January 2023

    Investors are failing to recognise the rising prevalence and sophistication of 'greenwashing', and financial institutions and regulators are being too lenient on the practice,...

  • Investors should label plastic as an asset, says Planet Tracker

    06 October 2022

    Impact investors should label non-recyclable, plastic materials as an asset so that portfolio companies use plastic more responsibly, said Planet Tracker.

  • Investors warned of plastics industry's pollution 'ambivalence'

    30 May 2022

    Investors in the European plastics industry have been warned of its 'ambivalence' towards the pollution problem, with the sector named as a 'high risk option'.

  • 'Three problems' with Verra's first plastic waste reduction credits

    28 March 2022

    Verra has issued the first "Plastic Credits" in the voluntary carbon market to Second Life Thailand, a plastic waste reduction program.

  • 'Blue bonds' could finance fish stock recovery

    24 August 2020

    Planet Tracker has proposed a 'blue bond' could be used to finance the replenishment of fish stocks by subsidising fishing firms to reduce capacity to allow population recovery.